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In April 2020, I had to remain silent and wouldn't see my visitors for months. Some colleagues tried virtual conferences, podcasts, videos on YouTube. They did a real good job, but it was not the kind of things I wanted to do myself. I wouldn't teach English on Skype nor in real life either actually! I then started to write and one day I was simply inspired by... butter, the basic food in Brittany! I wrote a text like that only once. Instead I started the training which made me a translator from English to French.


Flash back in original version:

Le monde du tourisme est bouleversé, vit une pause inédite, se remettra tout doucement de la crise du Covid-19. Alors, quand sera venu le moment de ressortir, pensez à visiter les sites près de chez vous et à faire appel à un guide-conférencier comme moi.


#2021JeVisiteLaFrance avec les #GuidesConférenciers

Période propice à quelques (ré)créations, à voir sur :